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Reggio and via Emilia

mappa dell'itinerario di reggio emilia


Reggio and the via Emilia

Walking in the city


Reggio Emilia is a typical example of a city based on a Roman plan. Its geometry was probably also the origin of the hexagonal medieval city walls, which have almost completely disappeared today.


The historic centre is divided in two by the ancient Via Emilia, the main street and favourite stroll for the inhabitants as it unwinds between the squares.

In Piazza Prampolini visit the palace of the same name housing Tricolour Hall and the ancient cathedral founded in 857, a hothouse of artists for several centuries; the interior, done over at end sixteenth century, is adorned with elegant chapels and important seventeenth century paintings from the region.


Traditional market stalls are set up in Piazza San Prospero, overlooked by the Renaissance basilica dedicated to the patron saint of the city. It houses important masterpieces: a fresco cycle, choir stalls with decorative wooden inlay dated 1546, and the octagonal bell tower designed by the famous architect and painter Giulio Romano.


The ancient streets that open off the square, such as Broletto, are lined with little shops where gastronomic specialties can be bought.

In Piazza Martiri del VII Luglio see the Teatro Comunale Romolo Valli (city theatre), built in Neoclassical style.


It is considered one of the most beautiful in Italy and is a point of reference for opera lovers. Teatro Ludovico Ariosto and Galleria Parmeggiani, a gallery with magnificent nineteenth century collections, are in the same square.


Piazza Gioberti, identified by its obelisk, marks the start of Corso Garibaldi with the impressive Baroque Basilica della Ghiara, built in the sixteenth and seventeenth century following miraculous events and the Fondazione Palazzo Magnani, where important exhibitions and events are held.



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Reggio Emilia (San Bartolomeo) (RE)
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Reggio Emilia (RE)
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Reggio Emilia (Coviolo) (RE)
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Reggio Emilia (RE)
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Reggio Emilia (RE)
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Reggio Emilia (Fogliano) (RE)
Ph.: 0522521035

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