Strada dei vini e dei sapori - Colline di Scandiano e Canossa
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Scandiano and the Secchia valley

Mappa itinerario Scandiano


Scandiano and the Secchia valley

uninterrupted views over the plains up to the Alps


The first hills are just a few minutes away from the city of Reggio Emilia by car.

The main route to the Apennines is SS 63 for Cerreto pass. At the centre of the territory it climbs rapidly toward the towns of Casina and Castelnuovo ne' Monti (Excursion 4).


The intersection with the hill road is just a few kilometres from the city, in the town of Puianello. To the right, the road goes toward Matilda's country and the Enza valley (Excursion 3), to the left toward Scandiano and the Secchia valley (Excursion 2).


Turning to the left takes you through the many little settlements scattered at on the plain and foothills.

Albinea, with its outlying settlements Montericco and Borzano, was the classical summer holiday location for the citizens of Reggio. There are many villas to be seen, built over the centuries by the leading families of the city.


Scandiano, one of the most important cities of the province after Reggio, comes next. Its monument and symbol is the Rocca dei Boiardo, built in the twelfth century. The imposing architectural complex was the site of significant episodes in the history of the city: it was the birthplace of poet Matteo Maria Boiardo; famous guests include poet Francesco Petrarca, reformer John Calvin and Pope Paul III. In 1500, count Giulio Boiardo transformed the ancient fort into a luxurious palace, commissioning major works of art from important artists who raised Scandiano to one of the most splendid courts of the Renaissance. In the early 1700s the Este family decorated the Appartamento Estense, the most splendid halls in the castle, which were recently restored.


Along the way toward the Secchia river, the road passes through Casalgrande, an important centre for ceramics and then through Castellarano, a city of Matilda, which encompasses some important monuments: the Rocchetta, the hanging gardens, the Castello and the clock tower.

After the first hills, during the climb there's a varied panorama of soft peaks and inviting valleys, surroundings of intense colours and perfumes with characteristic farming villages such as Viano, famous for truffles and Baiso, set in the ample frame of the characteristic gorges of the clay hills.



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via del Cristo, 6 A/B
42019 Scandiano (Fellegara) (RE)
Ph.: 0522983430
via Bosco del Fracasso, 20
42019 Scandiano (Pratissolo) (RE)
Ph.: 0522856954
via delle Scuole, 7
42019 Scandiano (Pratissolo) (RE)
Ph.: 0522855441
via Cavazzone, 4
42030 Viano (Regnano) (RE)
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via Le Piane, 1
42030 Viano (RE)
Ph.: 0522 988239
via Zacconi, 22
42020 Albinea (Borzano) (RE)
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42020 Albinea (Borzano) (RE)
Ph.: 0522591108
via San Faustino, 28
42048 Rubiera (RE)
Ph.: 0522 620468
via Undici Settembre, 3
42019 Scandiano (Arceto) (RE)
Ph.: 0522 989107
via San Geminiano, 4
42020 Albinea (RE)
Ph.: 0522599807
via della Chiesa, 27
42020 Albinea (RE)
Ph.: 0522 598175
via Naborre Campanini, 2/3
42020 Albinea (Borzano) (RE)
Ph.: 0522 591123
via M.R. Bertolini, 13/A
42030 Viano (San Giovanni di Querciola) (RE)
Ph.: 0522847169

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