Strada dei vini e dei sapori - Colline di Scandiano e Canossa
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Itinerary: Land of motors and ancient stories
 A path in legend and history: the place Prancing Horse, a picturesque medieval village the fortress of the Boiardo
Itinerary: Visit the city of Reggio Emilia
 A visit to Reggio Emilia is a fascinating journey into the history, culture and art that have marked the city over the ...
Itinerary: Canossa and picturesque castles rich in history and charm
 From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, by Matilda of Canossa to local lords: legacy fortresses and castles real art ...
Itinerary: Balsamic... Lambrusco
 Un breve itinerario dedicato a curiosi amanti del vino e a chi desidera andare alla scoperta di sfiziose e ...
Itinerary: In the National Park of the Tuscan - Emilian
 A brief itinerary dedicated to curious wine lovers and those who want to explore of delicious and surprising small ...

Excursions and guided tours




Excursions and guided tours


There are many routes and guided tours that the Route of Wines and Flavours may propose, according to the interests and passions of every tourist.


For those who love the landscape, the plains or the mountains and wants direct contact with nature, for those who want to dive into the past, visiting museums, castles Renaissance and medieval castles, we propose some examples of tour package to enjoy a pleasant stay in our Terre.



Guided Tours


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Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori - Colline di Scandiano e Canossa -