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Sports in the Apennines


Sports in the Apennines

The Apennines are a great place for sports activities such as skiing, hiking, climbing and riding, in both summer and winter. There are many places of interest to visitors.

One of these is Cerreto Laghi, which unites natural resources, landscapes and a great variety of sports and recreation facilities.


Here all the winter sports are available, such as downhill and cross-country skiing, ice skating, and so forth. However, in the summer visitors to Cerreto Laghi can discover the wild integrity of the mountain and climb to important peaks such as Alpe di Succiso.


Set in a forest of beech trees, Ventasso Laghi is also a tourist attraction for those who love to ski. In the summer visitors can go horse riding, do mountain-biking, hiking, archery and more.


Lake Calamone is not far away, overshadowed by the peak of mount Ventasso (1727m), an easy hike on marked paths through beautiful natural surroundings. The whole area has a tradition of stud farms (the Ventasso breed) and riding, in a few specialised equestrian centres. The other challenge for climbers is mount Cusna. It's possible to reach the top from various faces, but the classical approach is from the north. It starts from Roncopianigi, a lovely mountain village in the Asta valley just beyond Febbio.


The itinerary passes through the centre of the town of Monteorsaro (1242 m) at the base of mount Prampa. The climb to the peak starts here. On a clear day the panorama reaches the entire Alpine range to the north and the Apuan range to the west.

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